Luzon, Marinduque

Marinduque: Delve into the Heart of the Philippines

Nestled in the heart of the Philippines, the laid-back province of Marinduque comes alive every Holy Week during the celebration of the world-famous Moriones Festival.  This is when the locals garbed in masks, helmets and costumes akin to the Roman soldiers march the streets and re-enact the suffering of Christ.

Located in MIMAROPA Region in the island of  Luzon in the Philippines, Marinduque is hemmed in by verdant jungles, agricultural lands, rolling hills, pristine waterfalls and lapped by sun-kissed azure beaches.

Its capital – Boac is dappled with heritage houses and age-old buildings.  Many of them have been transformed now into shops and cafes.  But history and heritage isn’t the only thing you can find here, away from Boac’s commercial center you can plunge in the refreshingly cool waters of  Hinulugan Falls, Kabugsukan Falls, and Ginaras Falls.

Go explore the famous Duyay Cave or visit the Bathala Caves of the neighboring Sta. Cruz municipality.

If you are still craving for more outdoor activities, try scaling up Mt.Malindig , the highest mountain looming over the province.  Enjoy dipping in Malbog Sulfur Spring after your hike which is said to contain healing waters.

If booking a room at the luxury resort of Bellaroca is way out of your budget, rush to Poctoy Beach in Torrijos where you can  enjoy the azure beach and powdery cream sand while you’ll get a spectacular view of Mt.Malindig without emptying your wallet.

In the bucolic town of Gasan just a few minutes drive from Boac, you can hire a boat for island hopping. Visit the lovely Tres Reyes Islands comprised of  Gaspar Island, Melchor Island and Baltazar Island and bask in its ruggedly enchanting rock formations, clear turquoise waters and powdery sands.

There’s definitely more reason to fall in love with Marinduque, a place etched in the heart of this beautiful country.

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