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Bulusan, What a Beauty!

Bulusan is an old favorite, well-known for its mighty peak named Bulusan Volcano. This sleepy town in Sorsogon province is flanked by verdant woodlands, soaring mountains, placid lakes and refreshing hot and cold springs.

From the town of Gubat, you can easily reach Bulusan by private vehicle, jeep or by chartering a tricycle.  The first tourist attraction that will welcome you if  you use this route is the serene Dancalan Beach Resort.  This cream-sand beach though not as gorgeous as Matnog’s beaches, is popular among the locals because it is pretty much affordable.  Entrance fee is Php 10 per person and parking fee starts at  Php 20- Php 30 depending on the type of vehicle.

The shoreline is clad by cottages for day trippers and air-conditioned rooms for those opting to stay overnight.  There’s no beach activity here so, you may want to pack your own gears.  The sea near the shoreline is clam and tranquil, ideal for swimming and picnic for the families.  But the far part of the sea has mad waves and here, you’ll usually find fishermen catching fishes which they sell at the market in the town center.

Speaking of the town center, Bulusan proper has handful of attractions too. Pay a visit to Punta Diamante, an archaic fort built during the Spanish period.  This triangular stronghold houses the Bulusan  belfry, one of the watchtowers  which stand beside the oldest  church in town and one of the oldest in the province – the Parish of St. James the Great.

If you’re coming from Samar or Matnog, you can also reach Bulusan via Irosin. You can ride a jeep (the schedule though is erratic and wait time is long) or charter a tricycle starting at Php 300 (one way) to take you to Bulusan proper or the town’s poster child – Bulusan Lake National Park.

The people of Bulusan are fiercely proud of BulusanLake which is blissfully nestled at the foot of Mount Bulusan. This placid emerald green lake is surrounded by lush ferns, evergreen trees and vines.  Many activities are offered here like kayaking, aqua cycle, trekking and even bird watching as it is home to a variety of species of endemic birds.

For adventure seekers, try climbing the mighty Bulusan Volcano. The summit can be reached in a day or two and one of the famous spot here is the BlackbirdLake which is said to emit sulfuric steam. On the way to the peak, don’t miss the beautiful LakeAguingay.

A visit to Bulusan will not be complete without basking in its revitalizing springs and waterfalls. The lovely Palogtoc Falls was a popular choice back then due to lush vegetation and cold spring pool, unfortunately, today is no longer operating but is still accessible.  Nowadays, Bayugin Falls has taken over the popularity of Palogtoc Falls. Located in Brgy. San Francisco, it has a placid natural basin that is ideal for swimming and cliff jumping.

It is indeed hard to ignore Bulusan’s beauty, an unassuming town hemmed by natural treasures and warm people.


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