Bohol, Rivers, Visayas

Bohol River Cruise

Bohol surely packs a punch. Its mind-boggling mix of adventures, landscapes, tropical beaches and heritage sites beckons repeat visits. And this is why I made time to return early this year, to experience the activities I missed. But I’ll tell you a secret. I have not tried the iconic Bohol River Cruise on my first visit, which many tourists finds unforgivable. This is understandable, because …

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Bohol, Visayas

DATE Park in Catigbian, Bohol

The idea of adding more outdoor adventure tour to entice more tourists to Catigbian came about when   the Abatan River Life Tour in Bohol was established to promote sustainable eco-tourism in Abatan River along the towns of Catigbian, Cortes, Atequea, Maribojoc and Balilihan.  GREAT (Green Recreational Eco-Adventure Tour) at Catigbian DATE (Dagook Adventure Tour Experience) Park was born.  The GREAT …

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