Davao del Sur, Kapatagan, Mindanao

Reviving My Childhood Fantasy at Kublai Art Garden

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast, Davao del Sur will certainly surprise you with natural attractions devoid of mass tourism. Take for example Kublai Art Garden, a place unheard of for many Luzon and Visayas-based visitors.


The renowned Davao artist Kublai Millan transformed a verdant hill in Kapatagan, Davao del Sur into a colossal masterpiece. Kublai Art Garden is hemmed by various artworks and gigantic sculptures.


It’s a tranquil place where you can see locals humbly riding on horses all the way to the soaring peaks. Interestingly, this territory is also home to mighty Mt. Apo, the country’s highest peak.

Cradled by the beautifully manicured Kubali Art Garden is probably one of the most peculiar houses I’ve seen to date – the artsy Agong House, the mind-boggling abode of Kublai Millan.  It takes pride in having a genius and pretty impressive architecture, thick walls, awe-inspiring facade and an interior that is more like an art gallery than a home. Agong House is inspired by agong, a bronze musical instrument used by the indigenous groups of Mindanao like the Maranaos.

Kublai Art Garden reminds me of my childhood days, a place where one can have a leisurely walk; blissfully soaking in the bountiful nature plus tons of fresh air.  Stepping into Agong House is like making a childhood fantasy come true, to me, it resembles a house of elves in fairy tale books only that, this is more surreal.


Camp Sabros, Kapatagan day tour packages

You may also avail of the day tour package from Davao Crocodile Park (15-20 persons) for Php 600 per pax.  The van will take you to Mt.Apo Highland Resort from Crocodile Park and back.

How to get to Agong House and Kublai Art Garden:

By Air

Major airlines like Seair and Cebu Pacific fly daily to Davao City from Manila, Cebu or Clark.

By Land

From Davao City, take a cab or jeepney/multi-cab to Davao Ecoland Terminal.  Look for a bus headed to Digos City.  From there, ride a tricycle to old Digos terminal where you can take a van to Camp Sabros  in Kapatagan. Van fare is about Php 100. At Camp Sabros, you can avail of the package tour from Mt.Apo Highland Resort at Php 400. You will have the option to ride the zipline and cable car, visit a Bagobo Tribal House, ride a boat to Mt.Apo Highland Lake Mirror, go trekking to Lake Rosario where the magnificent view of Mt.Apo is reflected on its calm waters or relax and have some photo ops at Kublai Art Garden.


Private Vehicles


From Davao City, wind south to Digos City and turn to the right road leading to Kidapawan.  There’s a massive signage that reads ” This Way to Kapatagan”.


Hotel/Resort in in Kapatagan, Digos City:

For Mt.Apo Highland Resort rates check here: Mt.Apo Highland Resort


*Disclosure: The trip to Agong House was part of the Davao Food Appreciation Tour in 2012.


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